A Formal Analysis of Donald and Oscar Cry - A Filmé by Mác

Donald and oscar cry is a very new arthaus film released recently by renound film creator mác. Today I want to look in depth at elements of the film which were not explored in the context of the description.

To begin i shall quote the director, auteur, and creator of this filme: "This movie is about real life, it's about the stories and the chraacters of the onald mayos of the world it represents all that is good and evil. Dead or alive, beach volleyball,"
This is immediately shown by the very first frame of the filme. Darkness. All we hear is the sound of the symphony playing, and this darkness lasts for a decent amount of frames before we get any indication as to what is happening. This represents the beggining of the universe, the beggining of everything that has, is, and will be. Mác is no ordinary filmmaker, he is a filme creator. A god of his art and this is represented through this message to the viewer. Thus, we begin. Time, matter, essence is begun. Mác presents. It is like a shining beacon after the silence of this secretive god. To be presented anything by this being of pure creativity is a rare occasion and to be presented with something really shows us that this is no ordinary occurence, a world being created, a stunning requiem of the stars. It is about real life, the life of time itself. But time ever flows on, as does the filme.

We are then shown that this presentation is a filme. not a film, not a movie, not just any ordinary experience, this is something far more, and very few directors are able to create such a thing, but as for mác anything is possible. These two induvidual slides of information only show up for a matter of 2 bars of 4/4 music before cutting away to the next series of events.

The three shots. Donald, Oscar, and the collision. We see first in the shot with donald the pain and hard work he is going through. A distant cry to a quote which he once said "Where's the hookers?". This brief moment of exasperation while, unknown to us, he pulls at the pilate machine on the hardest setting. It unto its own is a metaphor for the impossibility that is global human peace. Linking back to mác's quote on the matter stating how it's about the stories and the characters of the donald mayos of the world, we get to see this one in particular attempting as hard as he can to achieve the ultimate goal of global peace but knows that no matter how hard he tries, he will never be able to achieve his goal. Both the metaphor and macs quote imply that there is more than one donald mayo in this universe, but we'll get back to that.

This short burst of struggle is met by the disgust of the counterpart, oscar. As mác said a "synonym of synonym". oscar looks down upon this inferior being, with a look of pure disgust and hatred of what donald represents. As mac said with the "i love ugly t shirts" it's no wonder that oscar is in disgust for this display of consumerism and pointless garbage. This disgust is clearly shown by the sudden protrusion of multiple chins, and the general uncomfortable aura that he gives off. This conflict of ideas quickly leads to the collision.
In the third and final scene of this swift montage we witness a heated scene of battle between donald and oscar. There is a clear parallel between these two people, in the color of the clothes they wear, in the expressions which they have held between the shots, and of course the clash of weapons. Not only does this reflect back to Mác saying how these two different ideals are clashing. It also shows the desperate lengths which both parties will go in order to bring one and other down.

This montage actually comes into play later in the film, as I will go over then.

However, moving on we see the title. Donald and Oscar Cry. It is not only a sight to behold but also something which means a great deal more than we might think at this point. You see having both donald and oscar crying is linked back to the scene which we just saw before, the pain that both parties is going through. Neither side is happy, nothing is right. "To fight is pointless" as was once said by the great Eace-man, he was right you know, the whole fight which is represented in this filme is a pointless one, a war over nothing important. It is completely ignorant of all the other troubles in the world to be fighting over such pointless things. The link between these two was wise as it is immediately backed up by by the subtitle which appears right afterwards.

"An unexpected virtue of ignorance". It links to eace-man's quote and also to the theme of the short three shot montage which can be seen just before.